I have had many successes since starting the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ programme as well as having developed my skills and gained new ones.

Firstly, I have been exposed to a wider scope of opportunities in the real world than the usual science and arts my college so heavily focuses on. I have seen a lot more to banking than the name and this would not have been the case had I not entered the programme.

Secondly, by taking part in this programme, I have had endless opportunities to network. Following on from the week’s work experience I did in October 2012, I now have great contacts from several different law firms and banking departments in the City which is really significant given that making contacts at the present time is really a mission.

Another success of mine since completing the programme is that I have had the confidence to mentor students in year 11 and year 9 in my school, advising them to be adventurous with their GCSE/A-level choices and to explore finance, banking and law with a positive outlook. I have also been teaching them to really think about working in the City, as the lifestyle, although demanding, is very rewarding.

My A-level choices are Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Applied Business Studies and pre-October; I was heads on to studying Medicine. After my week in October, I became very interested in the legal side of banking and wanted to explore this further. Now, I am considering law and I intend to retake the year, drop my sciences and take AQ-levels in English Literature, Applied Business, History and perhaps Psychology. I then hope to gain grades ranging from A-A* and attend Cambridge University to study English Literature and then convert to law. Had I not been on this programme, I would not have found my inner interest in law and thus had a lower quality of life further down the line.

I was really inspired by Hardwicke Chambers and I really enjoyed the mock trial. I wish to gain work experience there. I also admire the bankers working at 10 Gresham Street, with 4 massive screens in front of them all day.
I would just like to massively thank Lesley and Trevor for putting this programme together as it has been really beneficial for me. I have learnt a lot and I am eager to learn more. I also aim to work in the City later in my life as I love the lifestyle and I have met some really nice people. Without this programme, I would not have much direction for my future, which I have now. I also aim to be on the Lloyds Scholars Scheme or gain an internship within the legal side of banking.