About us

Through the Looking Glass aims to give students a quality-packed week with a wide range of talks, tours and workshops throughout the City of London. The programme is designed to equip you with some of the key skills and experience you will need when applying to City organisations in the future.

The Programme

Through the Looking Glass is a week long programme designed to give you an insight into the different professions the City of London has to offer. You will be given an introduction into various professions, an opportunity to meet people from leading organisations within the City of London and a chance to gain helpful tips for starting a career in those professions. You will also be given a chance to participate in workshops and interactive sessions focusing on key skills for starting a career including presentations skills, negotiation skills, interview tips and CV building.

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We run programmes in London, Edinburgh, Leeds and Manchester

Through the Looking Glass - London
Through the Looking Glass - Edinburgh
Through the Looking Glass - Leeds
Through the Looking Glass - Manchester

City Careers

Next Steps


The last few months of your time at school can be confusing as there appears to be lots of decisions to be made. You will be thinking about whether you should carry onto higher education or enter the workforce; what should your next step be?

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Bursary Funding

We are delighted to announce that our generous sponsors, Linklaters LLP have donated two £500 book vouchers for two deserving alumni students who have successfully completed Through the Looking Glass Programme.

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Success Stories

We are really proud that the students who have participated in our programme believe they have developed new skills and confidence through their week’s work experience and this has assisted them to further reach out in their quest to achieve their potential. A selection of the students that participated in the October 2012 programme have described what they have been up to since they completed the programme.

Meet our students