Through the Looking Glass has enabled me to gain confidence and passion in a future career in law by meeting truly inspirational lawyers and barristers in many different firms as well as Lloyds Banking Group itself.

The unique experience has allowed me to gather the initiative to carry on with my passion, so therefore, since the week, I have found a mentor studying Law at Kings University who can give me information on the degree. Through the programme, I was also able to keep contact with a Lloyds scholar also studying law which shows the numerous opportunities and networks the course has provided me.

But significantly, I have been inspired by meeting Lesley Wan who represented a successful female lawyer and taught us ‘if we want something, you go out there and get it’ and whom I first met showed such enthusiasm and genuinely cared about our progression throughout. This has encouraged me furthermore to start my own online business alongside my sister, which has allowed me to become independent and create stability for my future.

Since working for Lloyds, I have involved myself more within the community and I have started a campaign in College, to encourage students to volunteer and fundraise at a local elderly residential home. I have taken part and volunteered at local events such as the annual ‘Cally Festival’, local bake sales, gardening team, film club and I volunteer weekly at the Local Scouts Association. I have also won an award by the Bangladeshi High Commission for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ which I am very proud of as I am representing my community in a positive manner which could not have been done with the foundation of the work experience, which I am truly grateful for.
The experience has truly motivated me towards my A-Levels and has encouraged me to work even harder at achieving my full potential, particularly during the last and fundamental year of College.